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Wilt TJ, Jones KM, Barry MJ, Andriole GL, Culkin D, Wheeler T, Aronson WJ, Brawer MK. Follow-up of prostatectomy versus observation for early prostate cancer. N Engl J Med 2017;377:13 de julio. [Ref.ID 101914]
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Qaseem A, Barry MJ, Kansagara D, for the Clinical Guidelines Committee of the American College of Physicians. Nonpharmacologic versus pharmacologic treatment of adult patients with major depressive disorder: A clinical practice guideline from the American College of Physicians. Ann Intern Med 2016;164:350-9. [Ref.ID 99996]
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Hayes JH, Ollendorf DA, Pearson SD, Barry MJ, Kantolff PW, Lee PA, McMahon PM. Observation versus initial treatment for men with localized, low-risk prostate cancer: a cost-effectiveness analysis. Ann Intern Med 2013;158:853-60. [Ref.ID 95679]
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Wilt TJ, Brawer MK, Jones KM, Barry MJ, Aronson WJ, Fox S, Gingrich JR, Wei JT, Gilhooly P, Grob M, Nsouli I, Iyer P, Cartagena R, Srider G, Roehrborn C, Sharifi R, Blank W, Pandya P, Andriole GL, Culkin D, Wheeler T, for the Prostate Cancer Intervention versus Observation Trial (PIVOT) Study Group. Radical prostatectomy versus observation for localized prostate cancer. N Engl J Med 2012;367:203-13. [Ref.ID 93469]
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Barry MJ, Meleth S, Lee JY, Kreder KJ, Avins AL, Nickel JC, Roehrborn CG, Crawford ED, Foster Jr HE, Kaplan SA, McCullough A, Andriole GL, Naslund MJ, Williams OD, Kusek JW, Meyers CM, Betz JM, Cantor A, McVary KT, for the Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Urological Symptoms (CAMUS) Study Group. Effect of increasing doses of saw palmetto extract on lower urinary tract symptoms. A randomized trial. JAMA 2011;306:1344-51. [Ref.ID 91218]
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Barry MJ. Screening for prostate cancer - The controversy that refuses to die. N Engl J Med 2009;360:1351-4. [Ref.ID 87355]
Hylek EM, Regan S, Henault LE, Gardner M, Chan AT, Singer DE, Barry MJ. Challenges to the effective use of unfractionated heparin in the hospitalized management of acute thrombosis. Arch Intern Med 2003;163:621-7. [Ref.ID 65461]
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Albertsen PC, Hanley JA, Gleason DF, Barry MJ. Competing risk analysis of men aged 55 to 74 years at diagnosis managed conservatively for clinically localized prostate cancer. JAMA 1998;280:975-80. [Ref.ID 40440]
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Lepor H, Williford WO, Barry MJ, Brawer MK, Dixon ChM, Gormley G, Haakenson C, Machi M, Narayan P, Padley RJ. The efficacy of terazosin, finasteride, or both in benign prostatic hyperplasia. N Engl J Med 1996;335:533-9. [Ref.ID 28819]
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