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Avery AJ, Bell BG. Rationalising medications through deprescribing. BMJ 2019;364:7 de febrero. [Ref.ID 103031]
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Payne RA, Avery AJ, Duerden M, Saunders CL, Simpson CR, Abel GA. Prevalence of polypharmacy in a Scottish primary care population. Eur J Clin Pharmacol 2014;70:575581. [Ref.ID 97551]
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Avery AJ, Rodgers S, Cantrill JA, Armstrong S, Cresswell K, Eden M, Elliott RA, Howard R, Kendrick D, Morris CJ, Prescott RJ, Swanwick G, Franklin M, Putman K, Boyd M, Sheikh A. A pharmacist-led information technology intervention for medication errors (PINCER): a multicentre, cluster randomised, controlled trial and cost-effectiveness analysis. Lancet 2012;379:1310-9. [Ref.ID 92721]
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Logan PA, Coupland CAC, Gladman JRF, Sahota O, Stoner-Hobbs V, Robertson K, Tomlinson V, Ward M, Sach T, Avery AJ. Community falls prevention for people who call an emergency ambulance after a fall: randomised controlled trial. BMJ 2010;340:1070. [Ref.ID 88547]
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Chen YF, Avery AJ, Neil K E, Johnson C, Dewey ME, Stockley IH. Incidence and possible causes of prescribing potentially hazardous/contraindicated drug combinations in general practice. Drug Saf 2005;28:67-80. [Ref.ID 72632]
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Ozolins M, Eady EA, Avery AJ, Cunliffe WJ, Po A L W, O'Neill C, Simpson NB, Walters CE, Carnegie E, Lewis JB, Dada J, Haynes M, Williams K, Williams HC. Comparison of five antimicrobial regimens for treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory facial acne vulgaris in the community: randomised controlled trial. Lancet 2004;364:2188-95. [Ref.ID 72192]
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Fernando B, Svelyich BSP, Avery AJ, Sheikh A, Bainbridge M, Horsfield P, Teasdale S. Prescribing safety features of general practice computer systems: evaluation using simulated test cases. BMJ 2004;328:1171-3. [Ref.ID 70084]
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Avery AJ, Rodgers S, Heron T, Crombie R, Whynes D, Pringle M, Baines D, Petchey R. A prescription for improvement? An observational study to identify how general practices vary in their growth in prescribing costs. BMJ 2000;321:276-81. [Ref.ID 52228]
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